Anti-Aging Services

Anti-aging services give your skin that youthful and vibrant look. Not everyone wants or needs plastic surgery when there are alternatives that provide some of the same benefits. At Five Star Medical Clinic & Weight Loss Center, we focus on those alternatives.

Based upon our particular lifestyles, our bodies age at different paces. Some of us may loss our sex drive, or our mental capacity may taper off or our moods fluctuate uncontrollably while others experience aging more rapidly on the outside. Bags form under our eyes, or wrinkles become more pronounced on our face. No one ages the same or experience the same aging issues.

At Five Star Medical Clinic & Weight Loss Center, we provide a variety of services that can address your anti-aging concerns. Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, restore youthfulness and zest to your skin with our anti-aging products and treatments!

Skin Care


facialsRestore your skin’s youthfulness with our anti-aging fiacials.

Non-Surgical Face Lift for younger looking skin “Age Reversal Technology.”

*or ask about our bundle pricing.

ANTI- AGING Facial Rates

Anti-Aging Facials:  $90

5 Treatment discount: $270